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Banyan’s Alumni Program and the Importance of a Support System


There are many misconceptions surrounding addiction, alcoholism, treatment, and sobriety. Many people think that once they’ve completed their inpatient or outpatient program that their sobriety is set in stone.

Unfortunately, this is never the case. The risk of relapse is always there, whether you’ve been sober for one week or for 10 years. After completing drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, there’s still a lot of daily work that needs to be done to maintain sobriety. At Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts, we offer comprehensive support for many stages of recovery. One of our most popular programs is our alumni program. This program can help people sustain their sobriety while having some fun after their time with our treatment facility has finished.

What is an Alumni Program?

At its core, an alumni recovery program is a support system. Our alumni recovery program includes people at various stages post-recovery. Some alumni have just finished treatment, while others have been sober for years. Support is the biggest thing our alumni recovery program offers. After completing drug or alcohol treatment in Massachusetts, many people feel isolated in their experiences and challenges. You’re never alone when you’re part of an alumni recovery program.

The Importance of an Alumni Support System

Our alumni recovery program provides an instant support system for your recovery. The program connects people with role models of sobriety, and support systems, as well. You’ll immediately be connected with other people who have also fought for their sobriety. Together, you all support one another in sustained sobriety. When life gets tough, when triggers are difficult, or when relapse feels like a real danger, your alumni support system is there to help you stay on track. Support can extinguish the loneliness, disparity, and depression that often feeds into relapse.

Having Fun While Staying Sober

After completing our drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, many people aren’t sure how to have a great time while staying sober. Our alumni recovery program proves that fun and sobriety go hand in hand! Our alumni go on many fun outings, events, and other excursions all while staying sober.


Socialization, support, and serious sober fun are all part of our alumni recovery group. Call 888-280-4763 to learn more.

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