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Staying Sober Over the Holiday – Survival Tips


After completing drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, re-entering everyday life can be difficult for some. During the holiday season, it can be even more challenging.

At Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts, we understand how difficult the holidays can be, especially when it comes to staying sober. If this is your first holiday season post-treatment, we encourage you to explore our holiday sobriety survival tips for guidance on sticking to the program during the holidays and beyond.

How to Stay Sober for the Holidays and Beyond

Staying sober over the holidays can be challenging, especially when considering how many celebrations center around alcohol consumption. Our treatment team has designed holiday season sobriety tips to help you maintain your sobriety during the holidays and beyond. Whether you’re heading back home for the holidays or staying put, it’s important to work on your sobriety. Follow our sober holiday tips this season:

  • Find a meeting wherever you are. No matter how long you’ve been sober, there is always something to gain from going to meetings. So, no matter where you are, attend a meeting to remain grounded. There are meetings everywhere in the world, and even on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Some can even be attended via video chat, so there’s no excuse.
  • Stay in contact with your support system. Your support system is crucial when it comes to staying sober for the holidays. They can help you face any challenges without turning back to drug or alcohol use.
  • Develop an exit strategy. If you know you’ll be in potentially uncomfortable situations, make sure you’ve developed an exit plan. This way, if you’re uncomfortable and need to leave, you can do so in a quiet manner.
  • Start new traditions. One of our most effective holiday sobriety survival tips is to start new traditions that involve sobriety. Play sober holiday party games, or even start alcohol-free celebrations for your loved ones.

Navigating the holidays after completing rehab at a Massachusetts drug treatment can be challenging, as triggers and challenges can escalate during the holidays. We hope that these holiday sobriety survival tips make your holiday season easier. Contact us today at 888-280-4763 for more tips on holiday sobriety.


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