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How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Sober


New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the coming year and all it has to offer.

While many people choose to drink on this celebratory night, drinking is not a requirement for a memorable celebration. Whether you’re newly sober or you’re getting sober for the holiday season, a sober New Year’s celebration can be an enjoyable one. When you have a sober celebration, you’re able to fully live in the moment, and you will have memories that last a lifetime. There are ways to have as much fun as anyone else at the party without having to compromise your sobriety.

How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Sober

After finishing drug or alcohol treatment in Massachusetts, the holidays can seem like a scary situation for any newly sober person. But with the right perspective and a little planning, you can celebrate without drinking. Here are sober tips for a fun New Year’s Eve:

  • Play party games. Classic party games make great icebreakers, and they can be a lot of fun for someone who is not drinking. Party games allow partygoers to get to know one another while setting a great tone for the event.
  • Keep a soda in your hand. If you’ve recently finished addiction treatment in Massachusetts and you’re unsure how to turn down drink offers at a party, keep a soda in hand. This way, if someone offers you a drink, you’ll be able to politely decline.
  • Light up the night. Sparklers and fireworks can be a lot of fun, and they’re the perfect way to celebrate without drinking. In fact, drinking and using these celebratory staples is a bad idea, they should only be used by sober partygoers.

Whether you’ve recently completed alcohol treatment in Massachusetts or you’ve been sober for years, holidays that are focused on alcohol can be difficult. You can have a memorable holiday with the right support and approach.

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