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New Year’s Resolutions for a Newly Sober Person


Drug addiction and alcoholism are controlling, making addicts and alcoholics do things they normally wouldn’t.

After getting sober with drug, alcohol, and heroin addiction treatment in Massachusetts, former addicts have the clarity to begin addressing the damage that has been done. The new year presents the perfect opportunity for making amends and improving oneself after breaking free from addiction.

New Year’s Resolutions in Sobriety

After getting sober with drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, there is a considerable amount of healing that must be done. This healing is crucial for not just the addict, but their loved ones as well. Here are actionable and therapeutic New Year’s resolutions that should be made following drug, alcohol, and dual diagnosis treatment in Massachusetts:

  • I will continue with my therapy and Steps
  • When ready, I will make amends where possible
  • I will begin meditating and exercising

These resolutions seem simple enough, but they take a considerable amount of effort and dedication to achieve. Continuing with therapy after completing residential treatment is a pivotal New Year’s resolution. Without support, newly sober individuals may fall back into addiction. Amends are also important resolutions that can help you and your loved ones heal.

Improved fitness and meditation in the new year will allow a newly sober person to stay on track in their recovery by improving their mental and physical health. Call our drug and alcohol treatment professionals today at 888-280-4763 for assistance in making and keeping sober resolutions for the coming year.


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