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Energy Drink Addictions – Signs, Symptoms, and What To Do

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It is reported that 34-51% of young adults regularly drink energy drinks. 1

These drinks contain mountains of sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals like taurine and guarana. The various chemicals in energy drinks can react with the brain in different ways, resulting in energy drink addiction for many users. Think caffeine addiction, but much worse in many cases.

At Banyan Treatment Massachusetts, we know that energy drink addiction is similar to many other stimulant addictions, like cocaine, meth, and crack cocaine addictions. While energy drinks aren’t illegal, they can be dangerous to a person’s health, especially if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. Our center for addiction treatment in Massachusetts shares the signs of energy addiction and tips on how to beat this addiction.

Am I Addicted to Energy Drinks?

Do you know the signs and symptoms of an energy drink addiction? The signs of energy drink addiction are similar to many other addictions, where you’ll feel sick if you don’t have your daily dose of energy drinks. Signs of energy drink addiction can include:

  • Feeling sleepy without your energy drink
  • Getting a headache if you don’t have your energy drink
  • Difficulty concentrating without your energy drink
If you feel like you need energy drinks just to function, then you’re struggling with energy drink addiction.

How to Get Rid of an Energy Drink Addiction

Energy drink addiction is similar to the mechanisms behind addictions to hard drugs and stimulants. Reward Deficiency Syndrome is at the crux of many stimulant addictions, and it has genetic factors. 2 Whether or not you have Reward Deficiency Syndrome, you can still break free from your energy drink addiction.

To break free from energy drink addiction, you should stop drinking caffeinated drinks and high-sugar energy beverages. If stopping entirely all at once is difficult, drink one fewer per day until you have reached zero. You may consider making the switch to herbal tea or sparkling water.

At Banyan Treatment Center Massachusetts, we know how difficult stimulant addiction can be. If you are struggling with addictions to harder chemicals like stimulant drugs, we are here to help with treatment.

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