Outpatient Program

Between work, parents, children, school, bills, health, and other factors, there are plenty of circumstances in which a person finds themselves with no spare time. This is especially true for many people struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, and simply cannot see where time for treatment would be possible with such hectic schedules. At Banyan Massachusetts Treatment Center, we understand that not everyone has unlimited free time, which is why we offer outpatient treatment programs in Boston.

After a person undergoes medically supervised treatment and counseling, or concluding an addiction assessment from our licensed treatment specialists, the client may then become eligible for outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is the least restrictive treatment program for those struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism. OP is a step down from IOP, with a minimum of 90 minutes per week, and treatment up to 9 hours per week. This type of addiction treatment is perfect for those who seek flexibility and continuity of their treatment, while remaining an active part of their busy life.

Who can benefit from OP treatment with Banyan Massachusetts Treatment Center?

This level of care is the most flexible for those who are unable to break away from family, school, or work schedules. For example, those with high stress jobs may be using drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress, but for this same reason are unable to break away for treatment in fear of losing their job. Mothers who cannot afford a baby-sitter multiple nights a week no longer have to face that financial struggle: with just 90 minutes of treatment a week, you are qualified to enroll in our program. The same goes for those enrolled in school who cannot seem to find the time to squeeze in therapy for drug and alcohol use; Banyan offers the flexibility to choose treatment each week from just 90 minutes up to 9 hours. With OP treatment at Banyan, we don’t restrict you. Our doctors, case managers, nurses and therapists work together to guide you through the process and allow you to decide the best method to effectively treat your substance abuse disorder.

Banyan Treatment Centers Outpatient Program (OP) is the ideal treatment program for working professionals. Our OP program is provided in a high-end facility, with a very small client to staff ratio, providing confidentiality and care. Those attending receive the option of individual therapy or group therapy, whichever you prefer. Our team believes that choosing a less time-restrictive treatment plan should not limit your treatment options. Anyone enrolled with Banyan Massachusetts Treatment Center will have full access to our wide array of care, from holistic therapies, individual therapy, psychiatric care, and medical care.

Banyan’s outpatient program in Boston is available 5 days per week at flexible times to accommodate work and family schedules. This level of care is focused on preventing relapse and emphasis is placed on long term recovery. Once you have successfully completed OP, you are welcomed into our alumni program, which helps you maintain connections to peers and the recovery community. If you are seeking effective outpatient treatment in Boston for yourself or a loved one, call Banyan Massachusetts Treatment Center and get started today.