Signs your Partner is Using Drugs or Alcohol
My name is Sean… and I’m an addict
September 28, 2017

Signs Your Partner is Using Drugs or Alcohol

It can be scary to notice unusual changes in your partner’s behavior and communication patterns. If your partner is acting strange and suddenly isolating themselves, these may be signs that they are using drugs and alcohol. Addiction is a dark place where many people will go to great lengths to disguise their drug use; especially from the ones they love the most.

Addiction counselors at Banyan Treatment Center in Massachusetts share some signs to look out for:

Behavioral Signs

There are many behavioral indicators you can use to identify potential substance abuse from your partner. Some strong signs include: • Abnormal sleep patterns • Rapid mood swings and/or agitation • Money going • Acting distant and secretive • Recent changes in routine

Physical Signs

Drug and alcohol addiction can take a serious toll on the body. There are many physical signs of addiction that you may notice in your partner. Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may bloodshot eyes, nosebleeds, chronic sniffling, and changes in pupil size (not all drugs produce these effects). A change in appetite and or rapid weight loss can also be indicators of substance abuse. If your partner shows multiple physical signs, it may be time to confront the situation.

At Banyan Treatment Center, we suggest that you first try to talk to your partner one-on-one before involving others in an intervention. Your partner may come off as defensive and hurt that you would accuse them of addiction, so it’s important to talk to them calmly about what is going on and how you can fix the issue together. You both can get through this tough time together, and stronger than ever with the proper treatment and care.